Internet Advisory Board Services

Our goal at Internet Advisory Board is to help clients identify and overcome three major challenges:

Digital Dysfunction

Digital Dysfunction

This is where organizations have yet to begin their digital transformation or do not have the confidence or strategic plan that is worth pursuing.
Digital Stalemate

Digital Stalemate

This is where organizations have invested in digital but are not experiencing positive results.
Opportunity Loss

Opportunity Loss

This is where organizations have invested and are experiencing results but fail to continually optimize performance or properly defend their digital success.

Internet Advisory Board provides professional, objective and valuable digital assessment, optimization and transformation services that will consistently return on your investment. We have digital advisory services (free and fee-based) to help you succeed online. We encourage you to contact us and learn how our services will add digital value to your organization.

Digital Status Assessment (Free)

The IAB Digital Status assessment is a free, first-step in taking a closer look at your organization’s overall digital health. When we assess the digital function, we try to gather data from three important perspectives: Internal Status – How you believe you are doing digitally from inside the company. External Status – How you believe your outside market perceives and values your digital assets. Future Status – How well are you prepared for meeting the digital demands that lie ahead.
The IAB assessment also dives into ten major digital areas from strategy to analytics. Our goal is to have you benchmark your digital strengths and gaps. There is always room for optimization and increased performance. The goal of our digital assessment is to help protect and enhance the areas that are working and help you identify and mitigate the areas that need attention. The more you optimize, the more resources and time you will have to identify and convert new digital opportunities.

Advisory Board Formation

Imagine having a vetted group of highly engaged experts that specifically focus on your digital strategy and execution. Let us help you form an Advisory Board that can address and optimize the top, strategic areas of your digital performance.
IAB has a Advisory Board roadmap that can quickly and cost effectively form a board to add significant value to your organization. Contact us about this powerful service and find out how your business can benefit from having a proactive Advisory Board that increases your digital performance.

We recommend Digital Performance Reports for organizational leaders that want a detailed and objective assessment along with top recommendations to create positive impact within their digital function.

Our Top Advisory Board Services Include:

  1. Digital Performance Reports
  2. Advisory Board Goals and Objectives Planning
  3. Advisory Board Member Mapping & Staffing
  4. Board Operating Procedures
  5. Board Management Support

Advisory Board Management

Once we help form an Advisory Board, we offer several options to effectively manage and support the group to ensure maximum value and return on investment. Our Advisory Boards are formed with a highly proactive culture in mind. Boards are focused on strategic execution and saving time and money. We believe that Advisory Boards are a more effective way of running production on top, digital objectives. Our Advisory Boards are built with the ability to bring digital experts in on demand to address critical issues and convert new opportunities.

Additional Advisory Board Services Include:

  • Weekly Advisory Board Meetings
  • Strategy, Execution & Analysis Updates
  • Follow Up Sessions on Top Priorities
  • Priority Pipe Line Management
  • Staffing & Resource Needs Analysis

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