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Successful restaurant employers solve big problems.  We know all about them:  Finding quality staff, keeping the good ones and creating a positive employee culture.  To us, this is an overlooked problem of Poor Employer Branding that kills profits.  Why? Because being a quality employer is the key to success for any restaurant.

Employer branding issues are costly, but most restaurants are not aware of the problem, let alone how it impacts their business. The average restaurant in the United States has a 65% turnover rate per year. This means for every 10 employees hired in January, at least six of them will be gone by that December. Industry averages indicate each turnover can result in a loss of $7,000, meaning turnover could cost a restaurant $42,000 annually.

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But it’s not just about the hard costs of turnover. The intangible damages of disengaged or unhappy employees include overall productivity, team morale, poor customer service. And when these disgruntled employees leave, they take their employer perceptions with them. Over time, this becomes the identity of the restaurant’s employer brand; the outside perception of your inside workplace culture.

The reality is, good employees will not work for establishments with a poor employer reputation. Joining Serve Your City enables restaurants to easily build and maintain a superior employer brand while creating a strong and successful workplace culture.

Members of Serve Your City become part of an innovative Association with on-demand access to best practices from industry experts. SYC-affiliated restaurant managers and staff are also able to interact with specialists and peers throughout the country to share knowledge, ask questions, and stay abreast of the most current industry-specific information.

With the free, seven-day trial, restaurants can claim their public listing, which permanently upgrades their ranking and search value on the internet. Each establishment receives an employer-specific profile page which can contain photos, testimonials, and links to social media, as well as current job listings.

Other benefits of SYC membership include an employee perks program with discounts on travel, prescriptions and retail purchases, as well as a robust employee honors program featuring appreciation event templates and employee recognition reminder charts. SYC restaurants also receive branded supplies which identify the establishment as an employee-focused business.

By leveraging the power of information and offering singular opportunities for networking, SYC allows members to better communicate with their employees, customers, and peers to save time and increase profits. Learn more about our national expansion and how to take control of your employer brand with Serve Your City.

Get started today with your free employer profile and experience all Serve Your City has to offer.

Get started today with your free employer profile and experience all Serve Your City has to offer.

Search For Your Restaurant & Build Your Free Employer Profile!